Institute for Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering


Aiming at optimizing teaching staff structure and cultivating distinguished students, the Institute for Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering was founded in August 2011, committing to create a platform with the integration of industry, university and research institute. Totally, there are 10 research members in the institute, in number of which 4 have vice-senior qualifications or above, 5 hold doctoral degree and 5 hold master’s degree.

Primary Domain of Research

As more and more large and medium enterprises adopt the data mining to better analyze their corporate data in decision making, the data mining has gradually become a new magic weapon for the enterprises to keep an invincible position in the intensive market competitions. Most of its discovery and research focus on data mining algorithm and relevant application.

1. Text Data Mining: Combining with the characteristics of Chinese text structure, the institute puts its priority on text information extraction, document clustering, document classification, automatic abstraction, document visualization, etc.

2. Spatio-temporal Data Mining: multidisciplinary research covering machine learning, database technique, statistics, geographic information system, expert system, etc.

3. Outlier Data Mining: to discover patterns that are sparse and isolated even though they are concealed within tremendous volumes of date.

4. Application of Data Mining in Industry: its research focuses on the application of data mining technology in medical insurance, transportation and E-commerce.

5. Intelligent Information Retrieval and Recommendation: Carry out the research on retrieval technology based on semantics and the R&D on personalized recommendation system.

Main Research achievements

Unswervingly sticking to applied research, the institute has established close cooperative relationships with Xiamen Municipal Health Bureau, Xiamen Municipal Personnel Center, Amoy Institute of Technovation, Xiamen Jingtu Information Technology Co, LTD, etc. it also maintains close connection with related organizations such as Xiamen University, Fuzhou University and American FIU University. Now the institute has secured a number of major research projects including 1 NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) project, 1 sub-project for National Important Research Plan, 1 Fuzhou Natural Science Foundation project, 4 municipal leading department level projects and 5 transverse projects. Over the past three years, the members in this institute have published more than 40 academic papers of which over 20 were indexed in EI.SCI and 1 monograph, with 4 software copyrights registered.

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