Municipal Key Lab Architecture for Software Architecture


Affiliated with the College of Computer and Information Engineering in Xiamen University of Technology, Municipal Key Lab Architecture for Software Architecture was prepared to be founded in May 2007 and approved by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology in Jun. 2009. Based in Jimei campus of XMUT, the laboratory covers an area of 120 square meters. Now the lab has 20 permanent research members, among whom 10 have the senior qualifications, 8 have Ph.D, including one distinguished visiting professor and one part-time professor.

Primary Domain of Research

The laboratory mainly engages in the research on software architecture construction and appraisal, including the basic research on software architecture, the basic research on application and the demonstration system. The main research areas of the laboratory are as follows

1. Theory and approach of the software architecture construction and appraisal: With regards to the design, upgrade and appraisal of software architecture, the laboratory carries out extensive research on axiomatic design theory from the aspects of theory and application so as to improve the quality and efficiency of software architecture construction.

2. Quality model and optimization of software architecture: In response to the multiple alternative schemes when designing software architecture, the laboratory studies processing strategy towards the evaluation of proposed design schemes, and puts forward quality evaluation models that are suitable for software designing iterative process through combining the object-oriented software metrics and the information measurement theory.

3. To develop the software demonstration system for typical application areas: Enjoying the sound scientific research environment and experimental condition, the laboratory is well equipped with minicomputer, workstation, server, high-end PC machine, software modeling development platform, WEB development platform, ORACLE, network security development platform and the special ADSL broadband network.

Main Research achievements

Since 2008, the laboratory has carried out over 50 scientific research subjects with total funds of 6 million. Among those projects 4 are NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) projects, 2 are Provincial Natural Science Foundation projects. The laboratory has presented and published more than 30 academic papers in the international conferences and those core and authoritative journals, with 4 software copyrights registered.

Furthermore, the laboratory is active in foreign technological cooperation, software development and application training. Serving for the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone construction, its established component library is open to both students and local enterprises, which enhances the application of software component, improves the software quality and shortens the developing lead time.

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